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Mark Robinson - Author of the Award Winning series, 'The Wealth Game'. Mark loves nothing more than helping investors build, grow and accelerate their wealth.
Sydney CBD
Attend our two day free event, play “the game” using our proven 'cash-flow' strategy, and if past results are anything to go by...
* Very limited seating - total 50 spots for this event *

Saturday, October 22nd
& Sunday, October 23rd

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Only 50 Spots available in Sydney

Very limited seats - be quick, book online to secure your seat!

A FREE Workshop

A golden opportunity to learn about wealth by actually playing the wealth game.

Up to $10,000 to win
in cash and prizes!

All winners are rewarded 
Why Should You Attend this Event:
A 2-Day Event
The Wealth Game is an interesting and challenging game played over two days. It can be played individually, or as a pair, with the support of experts that guide you through. 

This is a 2-day event where you'll have the opportunity to learn and practice how to build, grow and accelerate your wealth. Learn how to play the wealth game for real, by playing 'The Wealth Game'.
A real simulator
The Wealth Game is your chance to try, in a real environment, different strategies to build your wealth and get advice from experts. Just like a simulator, you actually get to put into practice what you are learning in an environment where mistakes can be made…

Win The Game!
During the game, you will need to gather ideas, calculate, and brainstorm with the experts, and/or your partner (if you have one), to win the game. There is up to $10,000 dollars in cash and prizes that will be distributed to the winners on the final day of the event!

What People Said BEFORE The Wealth Game:
"I was not going anywhere with my finances, I was lost"

"I was not satisfied with the returns I was getting from the banks"

"I was spending money quicker that I was earning it"

"I wanted to know strategies in order to grow my wealth"
What Attendees Said AFTER The Wealth Game?
 "Being a part of this community, I've been exposed to not only really cool people but some really great strategies and experts in the financial area"
"It's a good place to set yourself in the future where you want to be"
"It's been a very confronting weekend" - "I've gone away with fantastic opportunities to create a greater future"
"It's an amazing opportunity and I think it was really worth my time coming here - I learnt how I could use self-managed super-funds to get more control on my investments, about all the cash-flow properties..."
"Very interesting, very confronting" - "It's giving me the confidence to looking into different avenues of creating wealth"
Through the coaching and the people involved, I can just get organised with my thoughts. I know can know more about investing in stocks and properties"
You too you can join The Wealth Game and start changing your life! 

How does it works?
Everyone starts with their own balance sheet, including earnings, assets and liabilities, etc.

Then after listening to each world class speaker (chosen because they have real world results and walk the talk), there’s a round of “the game” to integrate what you learn.

Every round has market conditions. 
Every deal available – or that has been done by the community - is on our wall.
There is property and shares, gold, businesses, diamonds, precious metals, etc. to invest in…
And at the end of each round there will be market conditions that have happened to you, just like in real life, and you can adjust your net worth and position as you go…
Then at the end of the event the goal is to learn enough to be able to have enough investments within 5 years to quit your job and retire…

And if you’re competitive in spirit…

...You Can Win Over $10,000 In Cash And Prizes! 
What will you learn? Here's a sample of what you'll discover:
  • Why Australia is just a hair's breadth from another GFC (Forget what the media is telling you, and don’t expect China to save us – we’ll reveal the facts about why there’s no way that’s going to happen, and why since the GFC hit, the days when you could just sit back and wait for a great retirement are well and truly gone)
  • A simple strategy for buying property that will put $50,000 or more in your pocket right away (including exactly where to buy them, the safest property to invest in, and how to create positive cash flow from day one)
  • Why buying property in Australia ONLY is a BIG mistake (most think I’m joking when they hear me say this, but you won’t once I show you the real facts about the land mines on the financial landscape)
  • The best type of properties to buy when times are tough (hardly anyone invests in these, but if you zig when they zag you’ll save yourself from being under the avalanche when it falls)
  • Why Super is no longer a plan B (watch me prove it, with facts that are simply undeniable. Warning: this will make your jaw drop)
  • The government’s secret plan to control your future (there’s $1.8 trillion sitting in personal super funds not controlled by them – and if you don’t do this, they’re likely to rip the rug from under your feet)
  • How to get the money you need from the banks, on your terms (reverse the attack, by understanding exactly how the game works on the inside)
  • The strategy your financial planner will never tell you about, even though it offers double digit returns with minimal risk
  • How to get double-digit returns using diamonds (and when you do it right, there’s less risk here than most other investments)
  • How to buy shares like a wall street insider (including exactly what signs to look for)
  • The best 3 strategies I have ever seen in investing (each of these “speed dating” techniques could see you getting returns of 20% returns or more – faster than you ever imagined). In fact, one of them could help you…
  • How to create $5,000.00 in passive income per month, starting with an initial investment of just USD$4,100 (Think it’s impossible? I don’t blame you. But Jeevan will reveal the exact steps he took to pull it off – and it’s completely legit)
  • The types of investments and returns that will keep you poor (the banks love these and sadly, so does the general public)
  • How to build your investment portfolio like the wealthy do
  • Things you need to do every day to ensure you don’t end up as a financial sheep
  • Time-tested principles for building, keeping and accelerating your wealth
When & Where?
111 Goulburn St, Sydney

22nd & 23rd October 2016 
8:00 AM Registration 
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

As you can see, these two days will change your life. So please don’t dilly-dally because the seats will disappear quickly.
To pick up one of the 50 seats, simply lock in your spot 

It will be a game-changing weekend, and once you uncover these secrets, I promise you… your life will never be the same again. I look forward to seeing you there.

Mark Robinson
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